Lower School

In Scholar Mission School, we believe in inculcating holistic education wherein children joyfully construct their learning by developing skills such as inquiry, questioning and problem solving. Students make choices, form opinions and reflect on their work, thus developing their self-worth and an ability to assess and take ownership for their own progress. Children also learn the importance of building relationships with their peers by mutually engaging in games, projects, and various skill building activities. Building a sense of responsibility towards the community and environment is at the core of all academic and co-curricular activities at Scholar Mission School. In Primary School the emphasis is on :

  • Inculcating good study habits, life skills and values in children.
  • Emphasis is laid on communication skills through reading, elocution, extempore, debates, discussions etc.
  • Fundamental math concepts are strengthened through fluency practice exercises.

The Pre-primary years in SMS inculcate in children the qualities of curiosity, exploration and discovery in a fun-filled, safe and happy learning environment. The emphasis is on developing in students love of learning, social skills, moral values, and self-confidence.

The NEP 2020 has also placed a great deal of importance on early childhood care and education, advocating that the foundational stage (3 to 8 years) is critical and requires official/formal intervention.

Children learn to master both gross motor skills (which involve large physical movements) and fine motor skills (such as manual dexterity and hand-eye coordination) and spend time actively on these developmental skills.Fine-motor activities, which are important for writing, grasping, and coordinating fine movements, include drawing, cutting, colouring, and glueing. Gross motor skills are often worked on during recess and may involve using playground equipment, running, skipping, jumping, and kicking or throwing a ball to a partner.

The principles of learning applied in pre-primary include Holistic Development through integrated learning, active learning, supportive learning, interactive learning and learning through play.We recognize the uniqueness of every individual and seek to bring out the best in each student.

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