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Gone are the days when a school meant just a basic construction of brick and mortar. Modern days have given birth to modern needs, and to satiate those needs, it is necessary for the foundation to undergo a metamorphosis. Scholar Mission School is the uncompromising outcome of the requirements of the post modern world. The architecture of the building focuses on space and symmetry, logic and innovation.

The school campus is a secure ‘home’ made possible by several of cameras located strategically. The CCTV network expands beyond the concrete infrastructure into the sports fields, pavilion, swimming pool area and even into the parking areas of the school buses. Modern-day technology ensures complete security for everyone in the school premises while the advanced fire safety system ensures complete protection. The path to excellence is built on a robust infrastructure, proper guidance and world-class amenities. At Scholar Mission School, the facilities offered are in sync with the demands of the future that will help a student to stand out in every sphere of life.

The Classrooms

Here, there is room for abundant sunlight and happiness; the classrooms have been faciliated with space and proper ventilation. Seats are arranged in a way that allows sufficient space for movement, sharing and team work.

Digital Class

A good teacher knows that teaching is the art of helping students to discover things. If we want our students to actively participate in the process of learning, we need to combine the use of media technology with effective pedagogy.

Science Laboratory

Science is a fascinating and vast subject that involves the use of cognitive skills and creative ability. Learning science does not mean merely gaining knowledge about facts and principles, rather it is a path which is enlightened by scientific truths, verified experimentally. Children are natural scientists because they are born with a sense of curiosity and a desire to explore the nature around them. As educators, we need to keep the scientist alive in each child.
Keeping this in mind, Scholar Mission School provides a well equipped Science Laboratory to its students in compliance with the vision to give the best possible knowledge to each child.

Language Laboratory

Profound knowledge has its roots not only in theoretical knowledge but also in knowledge that is practical. The combination of the two is indispensable for a child’s all-round development. Our well-equipped laboratories in various disciplines are ideal for focusing on practical knowledge in a student-friendly ambience. Scholar Mission School also has the facility of a Language Laboratory. This audio-visual aid in modern language teaching that comes with audio, video, internet, games and much more makes learning faster and more engaging for the students.

Computer Laboratory

The perfect recipe for success in the contemporary world is a strong knowledge-base built with modern technology. The computer laboratory housing computers with the latest software not only aids the students to unravel their creativity but also in coping with today’s fast-evolving challenges.

Sports Complex

A ‘healthy’ mind is complemented with a healthy body and a healthy body is gained from daily exercises and sports. The complex has all the facilities for major sports like cricket, football and athletics with designated grounds for each. It also possesses courts for basketball, badminton, karate, lawn tennis and table tennis. The other features of the sports complex are, a splash pool for junior students, a grand swimming pool for the seniors and a gymnasium which is accessible to the children.

Music Room

The grand centre with its mesmerizing world of notes and metre, tempo and lyrics draw the pupils into a synthesis between the students and music, to hone their talent, to give them deeper perception and equip them to feel beyond the realms of the mundane. The centre with a host of musical instruments such as guitar, drums, tabla and keyboard trains the students in Indian Classical, Western Classical, Contemporary Vocal and Instrumental Music.


The thirst of knowledge is further quenched by a gigantic school library comprising books and magazines on Literature, Science, Economics, Social Studies, Travel, General Knowledge and reference books. The library is a child friendly place where the pupil is encouraged to touch and handle books. In the lower classes, the books are stacked at the child’s height so that he/she can select book as per their choice. This, we believe will inculcate in students, the love for books and reading.


School comes closer to home with the efficient Transport Department. This department is responsible for coordinating the scores of school buses ferrying students and faculty members from different parts of the city to and from the school. Its additional task is to arrange vehicles for visitors, ferry the students of school to picnics and excursions and to transport students to participate in inter-school programmes at different venues. Each bus has support staff and every driver is given a mobile phone to ensure easy monitoring of the routes via GPS.


At school the children are safeguarded at all times with a medical and health facility centre. The school has a four bedded infirmary with a doctor and trained nurse to provide all possible medical care in case of any emergency. Health record is maintained for each child. Any child who is unwell, is treated immediately and first aid is promptly provided for minor cuts and wounds.

The Assembly Hall

Provides the perfect platform for prayers, general meeting and extracurricular activities. The spacious assembly hall can accommodate a large number of students.

Scholars' Boot Camp Gymnasium

Gymnasium is not just about healthy and physically active body but also boosts the brain development and concentration. In this digital age, it helps to keep the students active and avert unhealthy weight gain.
The Scholars' Boot Camp Gymnasium caters an environment to students where they can develop a variety of skills, goal setting and self discipline. It exposes students to numerous healthy activities. It is a well-equipped gymnasium which is easily accessible to the students as per their needs.


The principle ingredients of all food items of the school canteen are hygiene and nutrition. Proper care is taken of taste and flavour so that the children can relish a variety of delectable dishes.

Swings Arena

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