Schooling in Pandemic

Schooling in Pandemic

How To Overcome Schooling Challenges ?

The year 2020 unleashed a host of challenges for humanity, with people struggling for lives wrecking under the havoc caused by the Coronavirus pandemic. The world acknowledged the sore catastrophe and completely transformed their lifestyle. The disease brought a standstill in the lives of all age groups with the youngsters and elderly left the most vulnerable. Countrywide lockdown restrictions implied shutting of schools, universities, markets, workplaces, government offices, etc. for prolonged periods. This not only disrupted the routine work patterns but also impacted mental well-being. Needless to say, the Indian education system faced umpteen setbacks and as we weather the storm, building resilience in the education system should be our priority.

Here are a few tips to work progressively on an individual level to get back on track and sustain healthy learning in the post-pandemic world:

•           The students, especially the younger lot should be made well aware of personal as well as surrounding hygiene and be adequately educated about the safe and proper use of sanitizers, wet wipes, masks, gloves, etc. Both teachers and parents should play a pivotal role in teaching the social distancing norms and continue this safe practice for times to come.

•           The educational institutions should address the long absence of offline modes of teaching for a long time and should adopt other creative and interactive ways to develop an interest in classroom learning. Initially, classes can be held for a shorter duration so that students get back into routine prolonged teaching hours.

•           To promote resilience and environmental consciousness, certain real-life projects should be initiated by schools that enable students to come closer to society and help those in need. In collaboration with some NGOs, some assistance drives and exposure activities could be conducted to provide education to the underprivileged, or work out some self-employment schemes for those who lost their jobs in crucial times.

•           It becomes all the more important to understand the psyche of students and understand their mindset and work out ways to promote sound mental health after the stagnant and depressing phase during the pandemic. One-to-one interaction, free and open space for discussion, and hobby-building sessions can go a long way in giving momentum to budding creative minds.

Despite the unparalleled obstacles that lie in the way of normal living and sustenance, there’s always a way to fiercely face the challenges and bounce back better. The optimism and forward-looking perspective of all the people will lay the foundations for a resilient and strong future for all of us. The way ahead is tough, but to start with, it is imperative to accept the new normal and mend our ways to adapt to this unusual dynamic.

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