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Why do we work? For money? For success, fame, honour, self realization? For a good life? Each of us is driven by an entirely different set of compulsions.

Like a circle, the pursuit of excellence has no end. Proving it, under the distinguished educators and most accomplished principals, Scholar Mission School, stood highest amongst the schools from 29 states of India and five other countries and won the certificate and trophy for high-performance school of 2018 and was crowned with the honour at the ‘India education conclave’ on 25 February 2019.
Scholar Mission school has been awarded as the best school in the region and Dr Reeta Saxena the principal of scholar Mission school as the best principal at Eduleaders Summit and awards 2019 held in Hilton Garden Inn, in Lucknow on 6th November 2019 powered by Matif. Ma’am being one of the panelist, participated as a speaker and spoke on the topic ‘Parenting more important than schools to academic achievement’. She focused on the value of good parenting skills and parents as emotional role models for their children.


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