How did we respond to COVID -19 ?

Pandemic was sudden, an unprepared global issue, faced with courage and positivity. The challenge was even harder in the Education sector since we deal with the learning of every individual for their own future and that of the universe. An optimist looks at every challenge as an opportunity and comes out with the best suiting solution that fits into their problem. The educational institutions exist because of the learners and the mission is to accomplish learning without hindrance. Hurdles were many throughout the race, yet joyfully experienced with a pleasant face. The foremost hurdle was are we well equipped to provide uninterrupted learning experience to the student? Technology came as life saviour and the spirit of adapting to the new style of teaching was high in our teachers as ours is a tech savvy school. The teachers took the mantle to reach out to each and every student and even continue in this new Academic Session of 2021-22. The online classes are conducted regularly, to keep the children updated with new things and also studies. A beautiful inherent feature of a teacher is ‘Ready to Learn’. The hurdle no more remained a hurdle as every teacher mastered the new style nothing less to a technically sound individual. During these online schooling days parents are communicated through various modes and so it isn’t a tough task to communicate the plan of action and the basic requirement for conducting online classes.

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